December goals

Most articles you read on setting and achieving goals advocates setting small achievable goals to progress towards your larger goals. Rome wasn’t built in a day right?! I have been inspired by one of my favourite blogs Eat Spin Run Repeat to post monthly goals and rate myself at the end of the month on achieving them. Nothing like a public statement to keep you on track!

So into my goals for December.

1. Learn HTML code

This is something I should have done a long time ago. I occasionally have to use HTML for my work muddle through by trial and error copying and pasting and hoping it will look ok. Hopefully this blog will provide the extra incentive to learn and a place to practice! Step one – printing out a sheet of basic commands is completed; now to practice and learn how they work.

Goal Ladder sourced from Kids Goals

2. Read ‘The Coming Famine’ by Julian Cribb

I purchased this book a couple of months ago after attending a talk by Julian. I was intrigued and inspired and am looking forward to reading the book but haven’t yet found time. In the next month I will make time, even if it is only 10 minutes each day.

3. Complete every key training session as planned

The next two months are the most critical for my training for Ironman New Zealand. I need to complete every key session I have planned.

4. Look after my fingers

This may sound like a very strange goal but I have a habit of destroying my nails when I am bored, nervous or stressed. I hate the fact that I am doing this but can’t seem to stop. This month I will focus on breaking the habit. I have a few strategies in mind and will report back on how they go.

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