Random ramblings

What do you think about on your long ride? I found myself thinking about this during my long ride on the weekend… Everything and nothing was my conclusion. I have some of my best ideas while out riding. That work problem that has had me stumped all week can be untangled as the kilometres go by under my wheels. But I also have times when you arrive somewhere and wonder how you got there and where the time went… nothing. And then there are the completely random thoughts. A sample from the weekend: Gossip Girl (one of my tv indulgences), Game of Thrones (they will probably never make the later books into the tv series, I wonder what will happen in the next book), training next week, Dextro tablet (yum), roadkill (gruesome but unavoidable) and many more things that I have now forgotten!

All in all it was a good weekends training. A solid long ride and run off the bike on Saturday and a long run and swim on Sunday. Finished the weekend tired but happy at the bush with the ‘girls’.


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