2012 Goals

I know this has been done by just about every blogger in cyberspace but please bear with me while I share my goals for 2012. I have also broken down my overall goals into smaller goals for January.

1. Home improvements – get new carport built

This is something I tried to start organising last year but kept losing momentum when it came to making firm decisions (too many options!) and having to organise the work to be done.

January – organise a new quote with exct details on what will be done and breakdown of costs. Also start saving some additional dollars each fortnight.

2. Home improvements – finish three rooms in the house this year

We talk and talk about what we will do to this room or that and yet my kitchen remained unpainted for 3 years after the cupboards were installed (I am embarassed to admit that!). So the goal for this year – some action. It is hard because we spend a lot of time training and when we are not training I love being out in the garden and by the time all that is over I collapse on the floor exhausted! So this year I will dedicate some time to this goal.

January – declutter! Sell my excess ‘stuff’ or donate to charity.

3. Eat healthy

My goal is to eat healthy and fun food! So I am going to try cooking with at least one new ingredient each week. I’m off to a great start with this goal having hit two new ingredients for the first two weeks of the year. i have also managed to cook enough meals on the weekend to ensure we have healthy and tasty lunches ready for the whole week. Very important to keep us away from the fundraiser chocolates…

4. Set a new half marathon PB

This goal will be for later in the year. Last year I had a very average year running wise. This year I would like to step it up a notch. I am really hoping that eventually the past couple of years training will kick in. The last time I ran a PB was in 2009 so I think I am due for one if I can keep injury free and train consistently.

5. Improve my swimming – 1 km time trial swim time

Like my running my swimming has stagnated a bit recently. When I was injured last year and unable to run or cycle for a few weeks I swam nearly every day. Despite not being ‘swim fit’ (we came home from a months holiday overseas with no swimming) I set a new PB during this time. I think it was the consistency.

January – swim 5 times per week

So these are my goals for 2012. Hopefully I’ll be checking in at the end of the year with good reports all around  🙂

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