Book review – Kitchen Garden Cookbook

This was one of two cookbooks I recieved for Christmas and so far has got byfar the most use. I love it! So my review…

Presentation – perfect. It is laid out into chapters by main (garden) ingredient. It has beautiful colour photos of most recipes and inspiring pictures of kitchen gardensthat make me want to get out there and start expanding! The book is a nice size – I hate having to squint at a tiny page and there is also enough room for notes and sticky tabs (I annotate for future reference).

Content – For each fruit or vegetable the book has notes on growing, harvesting and storage and cooking. These are not extensive but are certainly a good reference. The recipes that I have tried so far are brilliant. Spot on for cooking with your own produce they preserve the essense of the fruits and vegetables and combine them into delicious dishes and meals.

Relevance – Many recipe books use ingredients that although not impossible to get or grow are not commonly grown in Australia. One of the best things about this book is that I can grow nearly everything in it! (ok with the exception of the more tropical delights).

Overall a great book and a welcome addition to the cookbook collection!

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