March goals

At the start of the year I set a number of overall goals for the year with the aim of setting some sub goals each month. Unfortunately I missed February but that is no reason to give up – it’s back on track for March!

1. Home improvements – get new carport built

No progress on this one so my goal for March is the same as January…

March – organise a new quote with exact details on what will be done and breakdown of costs. Also start saving some additional dollars each fortnight.

2. Home improvements – finish three rooms in the house this year

We have decided that if we don’t go away over the Easter break to take the time to rip up the carpet and polish the floors! A new puppy this year has meant the carpets have taken a bit of a battering (puppy mess and she loves to chew the frayed ends).

March – preparation for polishing the floor. Move infrequently used items into garage.

3. Eat healthy

March – continue using new ingredients, recording recipes and meal planning. Start trying to eat more mindfully.

4. Set a new half marathon PB

I have had an offer from a great runner and triathlon coach to help me with my running. So my goal for March is to provide him with all my recent Garmin files.

5. Improve my swimming – 1 km time trial swim time

March – swim at least 5 times per week including 3 hard sessions. Have more confidence in my swimming – take a turn on the front sometimes.

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