Try something new Thursday

One of my favourite blogs Eat Spin Run Repeat has a regular feature “Try Something New Tuesday”. Well today was my try something new Thursday… for the first time I tried running to work! Now this was partly because my commuter bike had a flat tyre (which I was too lazy to change) and partly because I slept in and knew I wouldn’t be able to run at lunchtime… so the pros outweighed the logistical difficulties and I stopped making excuses and just did it!
And it was great! I loved feeling like I was running to go somewhere rather than just for the sake of running. It didn’t take as long as expected to run but the extra time required for a shower did mean it was significantly longer than riding before I made it to my desk. I’ll definitely be running again and am thinking of getting a proper running backpack rather than just my mtbing camelback… any recommendations?

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