Paleo breakfasts while traveling

I’m looking for suggestions. I am still trying to eat Paleo while I am away and while lunches and dinners are relatively straightforward breakfast is more challenging.

The hotel offers quite an extensive array of cereals, cheese, ham, dried fruit, nuts, smoked salmon, boiled eggs, juice, cakes, bread rolls, croissants and other pastries… so I am reasonably well catered for with boiled eggs, smoked salmon, nuts and fruit. But some days the eggs have been abscent – then I am at a loss – what can I eat?

And what if the next hotel does not have eggs? I don’t have any cooking facilities or ability to make my own breakfast and even ordering at a cafe is difficult as it is time consuming and with the language difference you don’t always get what you expected!

Any suggestions for food I can preferably pre-purchase from the supermarket the day before (that does not require refridgeration) that would be suitable for a Paleo breakfast?!

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