SkirtSports WonderGirl Tank

This is my favourite running top ever! It has a number of neat features that were clearly designed by a women…

  • Top cleavage pocket. This is genius! Big enough for a gel or hankie, easy to access and very secure (unless you tip upside down…) If you put too much in there I guess it might look like you have a mono-boob but functionality wins over weird looks any day.
  • Length. The top is long enough to come down to my hips even though I am on the taller side and often have problems with tops being too short. Obviously for shorter people or those who prefer shorter tops this may not appeal as much.
  • Quick dry material. The material is actually a very fine weave mesh that wicks sweat and helps regulate temperature.
  • Built in bra. I always wear an additional bra but I find that built in bras are good for helping hold the heart rate monitor strap up.
  • Racer back. Comfortable for full range of motion.
  • Awesome designs. A great range of both designs and plainer colors means that there is something for everyone.


  • I honestly can’t think of any. Price? But at $65 I think it is very reasonably priced compared to most other tops on the market!

SkirtSports MarathonGirl Ultra Skirt and Lotta Breeze Capri Skirt
I really can’t say enough good things about these products. I absolutely love them! I was skeptical at first (in fact I thought what do you need a skirt for – just wear shorts!) But since I have got these I am a compete convert. Do you ever struggle with shorts ‘riding up?’ struggle no more! The MarathonGirl skirt is the most comfortable item I have wore running. You forget you are wearing anything 😉


  • No more ‘riding up’. Once I put this skirt on it just stays in place. It doesn’t budge a centimeter all run 🙂
  • Light and breezy – perfect for hot days
  • Zip pocket on rear. Great for keys etc. Can’t say enough good things.
  • Flattering. It honestly makes your legs look much longer!


  • The only con for me is that I need to use antichafe cream between my thighs. Not a big deal and unless I wear leggings (or i’m not going very far) I pretty much always use some cream. I use Silac 15 which is actually a barrier cream from the chemist. A big tub is much cheaper than some of the commercial sports brand antichafe creams.

I also have the SkirtSports Lotta Breeze Capri pants. These are a fantastic cooler weather option. Unlike some leggings they have a tight mesh weave so breath really well.


  • Breathable material
  • Two hip pockets
  • Flattering design so you can stop at the coffee shop after a run without a second thought
  • Length. Three quarter length means they are very versatile. I get away with wearing them on slightly warmer days (when I underestimate the temperature or pack clothes to run in the morning and end up running at lunchtime) and also right through winter apart from the very coldest, wet mornings… but who wants to be outside on those miserable days anyhow?! As much as I dislike running on a treadmill some days it is an appealing option.


  • They sit a little high on the hips for my liking. But others might find this a pro not a con! I prefer bottoms to sit quite low on my hips and don’t like anything that comes up towards my waist. By no means do these sit on the waist – just a fraction higher than I would usually wear shorts.
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