Olive oil, cheese and wine

I have a new love… truffle infused olive oil! Mmmm so tasty! But I’ll go back the the start of the story…

Last weekend we had a lovely long weekend away in the Hunter Valley with some friends. The trip included visits to wineries for wine tasting, a trip to the Smelly Cheese Co. for some delicious cheese (later eaten with said wines) and an indoctrination into olive oil tasting.

I didn’t realise it was such an art – you can only sniff once, you need to smack our lips and suck in air to fully appreciate the flavour – at the end of the tasting we all went home with numerous bottles of olive oil of a variety of flavours (blood orange infused, lemon myrtle infused, truffle infused, basil infused). I hadn’t really considered what I would do with the oil but last night while making dinner I was inspire to drizzle a little of the truffle infused oil over the veggies we were having with our steak… Heavenly!! It gave them such a lovely rich earthy flavour there is no going back to regular vegetables… And again on the lettuce and egg salad for lunch a drizzle of basil infused oil really brought the flavours together! I am in love with my infused oils and can’t wait to try them on everything!

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