It’s ok to be you

I hate making a fuss about what I eat. I am attending a workshop this week and for this reason I didn’t put anything on the special dietary requirements form. It’s not like I have to eat this way for medical reasons – I chose to because it makes more feel better. But after seeing the array of other requirements from our group (2 vegetarians, one egg and dairy free vegetarian and one low fat low sugar) I had a rethink and politely asked the caterers if from the following day I could have a grain free dairy free meal. They were very accommodating and even came back to ask more questions about what I could and couldn’t eat. Luckily today was chicken salad for lunch so no worries there. Not so much luck with the morning tea or afternoon tea but I came prepared with some almonds and beef jerky (which I had to eat surupticiously as I was sitting next to a vegetarian). I leant today that it is ok if I don’t eat certain things. I am not being difficult and generally people are very understanding.

A gratuitous Gold Coast photo because I love using my new camera…


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