The balance between fear and respect

I was speaking to a friend who is relatively new to triathlon who has signed up for her first 70.3 Ironman later this year. She has previously raced one Olympic distance race early last year and hasn’t done much since due to work, study and family commitments. She said something that got me thinking. Her coach had asked her what part of the race she was most scared of. Her answer “Nothing. I know I can swim that far if I train, I know I can do the bike slowly and I can definitely jog/ walk the run”. She doesn’t disrespect the distance – she knows she will need to train but she isn’t limiting her possibilities through fear! How many of us would have the confidence to sign up for a race more than twice the longest distance we have ever done before (and that only once a while ago)? If we are honest I don’t think many. Sure it may not be the ‘sensible’ way to do things but sometimes we have to forget sensible and normal and all sorts of other mental limitations we put on ourselves and go after that dream!

Ok enough philosophical musings… I mentioned in a previous post that we spent the weekend cleaning bikes. I wanted to recognize a brilliant website on bike maintenance that was a bit of a bible when it came to the more thorough deconstruction like taking apart the rear dérailleur! Mountain Bike Maintenance provides clear step by step guides on nearly anything you could want to do to your bike in way that even I could understand what I was doing (and put my bike back together so it works!)


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2 Responses to The balance between fear and respect

  1. Wow I love that, gosh I think I am going to apply that same thiking for my 10km race on saturday! So glad I came across your blog, I’m def following! Auds 🙂

    • Jennifer says:

      Thanks for tour comment 🙂 You’re doing the Gold Coast 10km? Good luck! I’m doing the half marathon on Sunday. Hopefully the weather fines up by then!

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