Breakfast salmon with asparagus and pumpkin mash

One of the hardest things I found when I first tried Paleo was breakfasts. I know the concept is simple – a bit of protein, some vegetables and health fats – but I have spent 28 years eating certain food for breakfast (minus phase in high school where I had pasta and cheese for breakfast for a few months) and reprogramming my mind has been hard. I have found it easier to adapt to having white meat in the morning rather than starting the day with a steak but that might just be me!

So here is an example of a filling breakfast that can actually be cooked surprisingly quickly if vegetables etc are prepared the previous evening. I don’t know about you but time in the morning at my place seems to operate on a different scale! No matter how early I get up I always end up in a mad rush to get ready…

Breakfast salmon with asparagus and pumpkin mash

salmon steak
leftover pumpkin mash
asparagus (or another green vegetable)

Simply cook your salmon in a fry pan. Meanwhile heat up pumpkin in the microwave and steam asparagus or another veggie in some boiling water. Once the salmon is cooked top with some herbs and in about 15 minutes you can have a delicious, filling, nutritious breakfast on the table! Yum! Just try not to set off the fire alarm like I did :-0

Yes I know that these are potatoes and not pumpkin… I include these if I am having this after a morning training session. Since getting my new camera I have been trying to sort my existing photos and in the process managed to ‘misplace’ a whole lot, including the salmon and pumpkin… and a salmon and silver beet and sweet potato… perhaps I will add them when if I find them again!

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  1. Yummmy, looks so good, envious! Wow about being in Goldy, what are the chances of me stubling across another Aussie wow… I’m a little worried about the 10k, but in saying like I am looking forward to the holiday hehe, I am actually procrastinating packing right now, which is a prob as I leave at 7am oh dear… Anyway good luck in the 1/2, I have a lot of friends doing that, I may jump in and use it as a long run… šŸ˜€

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